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United Jazba 100cc 2024 Price

Update: 06 Jan, 2024
Rs. 59,000

United US 100 Jazba 2024 Review

Though unable to compete with Honda for equality, United at least enjoys the reputation of being of the top Chinese bike brands in Pakistan. It is considered a reliable bike for city routes as well as intercity travelling. It successfully avoids the vibrating behavior which is usually associated with the Chinese bikes in the country.

Jazba 100 – Specs Highlights:

As the very name suggests, the Juzba 100 or US 100 is a 100cc (more precisely 97cc) bike – a more powerful alternative to the traditional 70cc category motorcycles. Though relatively less fuel efficient than its 70cc sibling, the US 70, the Jazba is regarded as an indispensable two-wheeler for an inter-city ride.

Equipped with the traditional 4-stroke, air-cooled OHC engine technology, the US 100 2024 is however not an extraordinary bike. The starting and transmission systems are also commonplace. The buyers will have to contend themselves with the 4-speed gear box and the kick-starter mechanism.

The front and rear wheels utilize the drum mechanical system for braking. So, the driver gets sufficient control over the drive for safety on the road.

Other key specs of the bike include 12-liter fuel tank, 12-volt battery, and front and rear tyres measuring 2.25/18 and 2.50/18, respectively.

Design – Not That Much Impressive:

While the bike is unable to make a difference in terms of the specs standards, the design is also quite ordinary. It lacks sportiness and the aerodynamics that might have added to its appeal as a handsome and stylish motorbike.

It copies the design of a 70cc bike but a bit bigger dimensions as would suite the stature of a 100cc motorcycle. However, the styling of the mudguards and the seat is quite catchy. It resists discomfort associated with long drives on the low-end bikes. You also get better grip and control on the drive while running at high speeds.

United US 100 Jazba 2024 Price in Pakistan:

The United US 100 Jazba 2024 price in Pakistan does not seem to be that much changed. The price tag reads around fifty-five thousand rupees. And this is what makes US Jazba one of the most affordable 100cc bikes with standard specs.

United’s Success Story in Brief:

There are several factors which have contributed to the success of United as a popular and trusted bike brand. On the first place, the United motorcycles offer excellent, reliable performance. Secondly, they are very affordable. For example, when compared against the competing brands, the United US 100 2024 price in Pakistan is incredibly low.

The third thing that entices the potential buyers to go for United is their fuel economy. Though not as fuel efficient as their Japanese counterparts, they are ranked first among their Chinese cousins. There is a small gap between the mileages. If, for instance, Honda’s 100 cc bike gives the mileage of 55 km/l, the US 100 Jazba from the house of United will travel at least 45 kilometers against the consumption of one liter of fuel. Similarly, you can compare the US 70 and the CD 70 for their mileage only to find an insignificant difference.

The fourth important factor that enables United a place in the hearts of the buyers is the great variety of two wheelers available in its pool. While Honda’s showroom displays a few engine capacity variants, United offers over 7 brands of motorcycles. They include the 70cc, 100cc, 125cc, and the 150cc variants.

There is also a 100cc Scooty which copies the style and dynamics of the VESPA scooter from Japan which had long been discontinued but people can still be seen driving it on the roads. But the Scooty makes a difference in terms of style, especially, the tubeless tyres, auto clutch and the self-starter system.

In United’s pool, you will also come across several three-wheeler brands, like the motorcycle rickshaws, auto rickshaws, 6-seater auto rickshaws, loaders and motorcycles for special persons.

Unitd Jazba 100 Features

  • Engine Type 4-Strok Air Cooled OHC 97cc
  • Starting Kick Start
  • Transmission 4 Speed
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 12
  • Transmission Constant-mesh 4 -speed
  • Dry Weight 84 kg
  • Power 7500 RPM / 3.9 Kw
  • Engine Oil 1 Ltr
  • Battery 12 Watt, 20 AH
  • Back Tyre 2.20 – 17 4PR
  • Frame Backbone Type
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