Keeway Superlight 200 Review, Mileage, Pics and Price in Pakistan

Keeway Superlight 200 Price

Update: 06 Jan, 2024
Rs. 730,000

What Makes the Difference?

A factory custom and elder sibling of the Superlight 150, the new Keeway 200cc bike is going to earn the title of the one of most sophisticated and durable bikes in the 200cc category. The very design and dimensions of the motorcycle evoke the look and feel of classic customs. The custom-painted and chrome-tinged look of the two-wheeler is especially worth loving. Meanwhile, the grace emanating from its thick-tire and fat-fender body is of special appeal to the style-conscious bike enthusiasts.

There are many things in the Keeway Superlight 200 that do not just make the difference but a real difference. The first distinguishing feature is the classic yet bold appearance which is rare to be witnessed elsewhere. Secondly, against the justifiably high Keeway Superlight 200 price in Pakistan, the motorcycle brings a powerful engine that also offers great fuel efficiency. What else do you expect from a heavy bike? Though you may be satisfied with these accomplishments, the Superlight’s functionalities do not end here.

On the third place, you will see that the 197cc 4-stroke engine does not use the traditional air-cooling mechanism but features an advanced oil-cooled machine. It not only offers the perfect blend of smooth power but also renders durability to the machine. Fourthly, it features the electric or self-starting mechanism without totally eliminating the option of the kick-starter system. So, you will enjoy the renewed style of starting the bike with the push of a button. At the same time, the optional kick-starter system is there to save you from trouble and embarrassment in case the self-starter mechanism goes out of order.

The fat and grippy tires, mounted on slice-cut wheels, should also be considered a special feature of the Superlight 200cc motorcycle. With the increased road grip, you will be able to enjoy a safe, stable and comfortable riding experience even while driving at high speed on the uneven road.

Better for Short & Long Trips:

There are two main categories of bikes, i.e. city bikes and highway bikes. The city bikes, like Honda’s CD 70 are meant for city roads. In other words, they are to be used for short travels. Such bikes are lightweight and render relatively high fuel efficiency. Being lightweight, they are easy to control for the rider. Secondly, as you have to make frequent stops and stays while keep the engine on, a fuel hungry motorcycle gives a significant boost to the cost of travelling. On the other hand, the highway bikes are more suitable for inter-city trips. They have more powerful engines to make travelling faster.

But the Keeway Superlight 200cc bike is going to be a user-friendly and travel-friendly two-wheeler for both the short and long trips. In both the cases, the journey will be extremely safe and affordable.

Powered by a 197cc oil-cooled, four-stroke engine, the motorcycle runs smoothly and can attain the speed of over 100 kilometers per hour. The excellent durability makes it fit also for the long haul.

The body has a classic design with custom-shaped fuel tank. The fenders, instruments, headlight nacelle and saddle all give it a big-bike, custom appearance. You would love to be seen on it. The fat tires and the custom-look blacked-out wheels also contribute to the powerful and substantial look of the bike. In short, the Superlight has a plenty of grand features that justify the Keeway Superlight 200 price in Pakistan.

Keeway Superlight 200 Features

  • TYPE: 1-cylinder/4-stroke/2-valve, Liquid-cooled, OHV
  • Transmission: 5 Speed
  • STARTING: Electric & Kick
  • DISPLACEMENT: 200 cc
  • Lubricating Oil Sump Capacity: 1 Litre
  • Speed: 100 km / hour
  • Ignition System: Kick / Self Starter
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