Road Prince WeGo 150cc Price in Pakistan

Road Prince Wego 150cc Price in Pakistan

Update: 06 Jan, 2024
Rs. 375,000

Road Prince WeGo 150cc Review

Road Prince – Place in Market:

Road Prince is a brand of motor bikes and rickshaws that has rapidly rose to prominence in the country on account of style, affordability, energy efficiency and power. With the passage of time, the resale value of this particular brand of bikes and rickshaws has also increased.

It cannot, however, be compared with the resale value of Honda which sells like hot cakes even after years of its usage. In fact, the Honda motorbike brand is considered as the best particularly owing to its long life, convenient handling and better fuel economy.

Road Prince bikes are manufactured by Omega Industries that emerged on the scene of auto industry in the year 1995. On the basis of quality and reliability of products, it is ranked among the top motorcycle manufacturers in the country. The company has a country-wide network for facilitating the customers in sales, services and spare parts.

Wego Red & Black Beasts:

Against a considerably high Road Prince Wego 150 price in Pakistan, this powerful bike offers two color choices for body to the potential buyers. That is, you can go for either the red beast or the black beast. Both the versions have so sleek and stylish appearances. Here it won’t be wrong to claim that each of the color variants of this powerful beast present a perfect blend of style and sophistication.

If the taste of buyers is inclined towards importance, seriousness and an air of mystery, they can buy the black beast. On the other hand, if their nature loves passion, energy and action, the red beast will best serve to their taste.

Bigger in Power, Capacity & Economy:

The 149cc cubic capacity of the engine refers to the fact that Wego 150 is a pack of power, energy and action. It will serve to your taste for passion and boldness. You will find it bigger not only power but also fuel accommodation capacity and economy.

The fuel tank can accommodate as much as 18 liters of petrol. It means you can cover the distance of hundreds of kilometers with single refilling. The fuel economy, on the other hand, is also just according to your expectations.

Built with the advanced Euro 3 emission standards, Wego is bound to consume significantly less fuel in order to minimize harmful emissions into the environment.

Electric Starter and 5-Speed Gearbox:

The electric starter system is a better alternative to the traditional kick start mechanism. It not only eliminates the need for physical labor but also starts the bike so quickly and conveniently. You just need to turn the key in ignition switch.

Generally, the motorbikes have 4-speed gear system. On the other hand, against justifiably high Wego 150 price in Pakistan, this technologically advanced two-wheeler has a gearbox with 5-speed gear system. It means you will be having a smoother and more comfortable and stable drive over all types of road conditions.

Bottom Line:

Wego 150 comes as one of the best two-wheelers from the house of Omega Industries. No doubt, the price tag attached to it reads unexpectedly high but this is justifiable on account of the powerful specs standards. On the basis of a powerful engine, it rightly deserves the title of a road beast. The choice of red and black colors for the body will contribute to its sales in the country.

Road Prince WeGo 150cc Features

  • 149cc, Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke Engine
  • 5-Speed Gearbox
  • Electric Starter System
  • KEIHIN 22mm Carburetor Fuel Supply System
  • Modern Style
  • Multi-plate Wet Clutch
  • Front Suspension: 37mm Hydraulic Forks
  • Rear Suspension: 2 Hydraulic Shock Absorbers with Separate Canisters,Adjustable Spring Preload
  • Dry Sump Lubrication
  • Double Mudgards
  • Awesome Muffler
  • Big and Comfortable Seats
  • Attractive Speedometer
  • Front Brake: 240mm Disc with Two Piston Caliper
  • Rear Brake: 104mm Drum
  • 18 Liter Fuel Tank Capacity
  • Euro 3 Homologation
  • Available in four colors (Red, Blue, Yellow and Black)
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