Union Star Motorcycle Price in Pakistan | US 70 Bike

Union Star US 70 Price in Pakistan

Update: 06 Jan, 2024
Rs. 125,500

It’s Not That Different:

As ‘change’ is known as the ‘only permanent phenomenon in the world’, people get bored with monotony and always like to experience something fresh and different. The desire to find innovation is even deeper in the people who are always passionate about style and fashion. Innovation is something for them which they cannot dispense with, literally. Unfortunately, the new Union Star Us 70 2024 is not going to impress such individuals as almost all of its parts and components are nearly (or exactly) the same as found in any other standard 70cc bike.

Some minor difference, or say distinctions, appear in the graphics and the capacity of the fuel tank. The graphic design on the fuel tank, side covers and certain other parts seems to be fresh and creative. Similarly, the logo design is also quite unique and it has to be so in any case. This also adds to the overall elegance of the motorcycle. Turning to the size of the petrol container, it can accommodate around 9 liters of fuel. So, it is a bit bigger as compared with that of the Honda’s CD 70.

The Major Source of Attraction in Union Star’s 70:

As even the latest model of the Union Star 70 bike does seem to show any marked difference with its competitors in the market, it should not be something worth-purchasing in the eyes of the fashion-loving potential buyers. But that is not actually the case. The bike is fetching a good number of sales, thus enabling the manufacturer to survive in the intensely competitive environment.

Then could be there in the UC that serves as a major source of attraction for the buyers? Let’s explore some interesting facts in this Union Star UC 70 review. Though seemingly an ordinary and a commonplace bike, the new US 70 Union Star does have some special features that contribute to its sales volume. On the first place, the bike is in no way inferior to any of the Chinese two-wheeler brands in the country. It is almost as powerful, efficient and durable as any other bike included in the 70cc category.

Secondly, it is the price factor that makes UC a good deal. Talking of the Union Star US 70 2024 price in Pakistan, it is available for a very affordable price which makes it come well within the reach of a low-income buyer who can’t think of buying a high priced Japanese bike. And, undoubtedly, this is the major source of attraction for the buyers. Here you should also note that this is the very reason that the less fuel efficient and unruly Chinese bikes have been able to compete with the superior and more technically advanced brands from Japan.

The third important thing about the UC 70 is that it is relatively more fuel efficient as compared with several other China bikes. Fuel economy has got incredible demand in the modern era as it not only reduces fuel expenditure but also makes the two-wheeler show an environment friendly behavior.

Union Star US 70 Features

  • 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder Engine
  • Kick Starter System
  • Fuel Guage Indicator
  • Available in two colors (Red and Black)
  • Improved Head Light
  • Attractive sleek back light design
  • 4 Speed, Manual Transmission System
  • Stylish Digital Meter
  • High Quality, extra comfortable Seat
  • Frame designed for increased rigidity
  • Gorgeous color finishing
  • Hi-tech flexible heavy-duty shock Absorbers
  • 10L Fuel Tank Capacity
  • Seat Height 785 MM
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