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Treet TR-70 Price in Pakistan

Update: 06 Jan, 2024
Rs. 66,000

Treet TR-70 Review

A Word about Treet:

Founded in 1954, the Treet Corporation Limited is an internationally famous manufacturer of razors, blades and other products. The company is based in Pakistan and exports its products to over 35 countries in the world. The Global Econo Trade (Private) Limited, a semi-autonomous unit under the umbrella of TGC (Treet Group of Companies) is tasked with assembling, sales and marketing of Treet Bikes. The peculiarity about the Treet Bikes is that they are not merely highly fuel efficient but also come with eco friendly features and give you a comfortable drive no matter whatever road conditions you are driving on. For the time being, the company is manufacturing 70cc bikes, 100cc bikes as well as three wheelers, all of which have attracted the attention of the potential buyers.

Euro II in the New Treet TR-70:

Among all the 70cc bikes, from the house of Treet, the TR-70 is the only model that comes with the latest Euro II technology. So, complying with the advanced European emission standards, the bike will cause least pollution in the already polluted environment of your country as well as cover more distance in less fuel. In this way, you can contribute to the global efforts for preserving the natural environment not only for yourself but also for the generations to come.

Magnificent Body Shades:

Black and red are the most common colors for bikes, but sometimes new motorcycles from the world famous brands come only with a single color option. A single color option is usually considered to be a drawback, because people fond of red color would find it difficult to go for black and the same is true for the black shade lovers. Fortunately, you can buy Treet RT-70 Euro II not just in red but also in black body color. Both the shades are sharp and brilliant, thus fascinating the onlookers at the very first sight.

4-Stroke OHV Air-Cooled Engine:

If you intend to buy a motorbike for family usage, it will be wise to go for the one powered with 4 stroke engine instead of an ordinary 2 stroke machine. The more powerful engine will give a smooth, stable and energetic drive on the topsy-turvy, bumpy and uneven road conditions as is the case with backward areas in the country. In addition, it will also be convenient to transport load and carry a pillion rider even on long drives. The built-in air-cooling mechanism will serve to keep the engine cool and avoid its overheating, and such an amazing accomplishment will be of great utility on the longer drives in the sizzling heat of summer.

Brake & Suspension Systems:

Road safety is probably one of the first things that are to be ensured while manufacturing a vehicle, because it is the life of a human being that is the most expensive thing in the world. The safety measures become even more important when you are going to build a relatively insecure two wheeler. However, if you are going to possess this new bike, in exchange for reasonable Treet TR-70 Euro II price in Pakistan, there is no need to worry a bit. It already contains an efficient and quick responding Drum Brake system for the front and rare wheels. Similarly, the back and front suspensions systems are also satisfactory and yield very good results. The back suspension is furnished with Spiral Spring while the front suspension is assisted by Center Axle from 277 tubes.

Summing Up:

Like other famous products, manufactured by the Treet Corporation Limited, this powerful motorbike with high Treet TR-70 Euro II specifications is destined to be reliable and come up to the expectations of the clients. From above, its attractive, streamlined and speed-friendly design emanates an air of confidence and sophistication while, from within, the advanced Euro II engine technology and other features will render extreme level of drive efficiency and fuel economy.

Treet TR-70 Features

  • Four Stroke, OHV (Air Cool) Engine
  • Kick Starter System
  • Wet multi-plate type 4 Clutch
  • 800ml (first fill), 700ml Liter (at changing intervals) Oil Capacity
  • Four Speed Constant Mesh (Multi disc wet type clutch) Transmission
  • Digital Speedometer
  • Indicators Lights, Turn Signal indicator, Neutral Position indicator
  • Odometer
  • ON/OFF Switch
  • 9 Liters and 1 Liter Reserve Fuel Tank Capacity
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