Treet TR-100 Motorcycle Price with Pictures

Treet TR-100 Price in Pakistan

Update: 06 Jan, 2024
Rs. 54,000

Treet TR-100 Review

Unique Blend of Style and Power:

“Style and power” is what defines the taste of the modern bike lovers and the unique blending of design and energy, as witnessed in new Treet TR-100, will render some extra appeal to this two wheeler. Just like its 70 cc counterpart, the 100 cc is also available in two sharp & shining red and black shades and you can go for either of these according to your own taste. So, if you love energy, strength, power and passion, just go for the emotionally intense red color. On the other hand, if you are a lover of mystery, wealth, power and sophistication, the black shade is at your very disposal. On the other hand, the 4 stroke engine with the displacement of 100cc will generate enough thrust for an energetic drive on the highway as well as congested city roads.

Large Fuel Tank & Continuous 4-Speed Mesh Transmission:

The fuel tank capacity of your bike matters a lot especially when you plan to go on a long drive with thinly placed filling stations on the way. Keeping this point in view, the manufacturers at the house of Treet have installed a large fuel tank on the TR-100 bike that can accommodate nearly 10 liters of petrol, so that you can easily go for hundreds of miles without having to visit the filling station. The continuous 4-speed Mesh Transmission System is renowned for its efficient fuel distribution. In this way, you will smoothly be switching from the lower to higher or higher to lower level of speed and torque while on the go. However, there is no automatic ignition mechanism and you will have to go for the traditional ‘kick start’ system for starting the motorbike.

Comfortable Seating and Stable Drive:

Placed at a standard height of 798 mm from the ground, the seat is meant for two persons and is built with a soft, durable material and modern design. Both the driver and a pillion rider will enjoy a comfortable ride on long routes and would be facing least tiredness on otherwise tiring and troublesome journeys. The ground clearance of 156 mm is a sign of the stability of the drive on the smooth roads and somewhat uneven terrains. It is enough to keep the bike firm on the ground while moving steadily without creating the unwanted and painful situations, like jerks.

Additional Accomplishments:

Apart from the above mentioned appealing specification standards, you also have some additional features, such as Swing Arm Travel 84 mm back suspension system and the Telescopic Fork Travel 9.4 mm front transmission system. Such accomplishments will ensure that your bike’s tires remain in constant contact with the ground for a better grip, thus giving you smooth travel over bumps in the road by absorbing and dissipating the kinetic energy from the point of contact. Unlike the case with the TR-70, where both the tires were 4 ply, there is a 6 ply (3.0-17 6 PR) tire on the back of the bike. With this enhancement, you will be in a position to carry heavy loads and a bulky pillion rider quite easily.

Summing Up:

After having discovered the pros and cons and Treet TR-100 price in Pakistan, you would now be in a better position to make a favorable decision regarding the purchase of the motorcycle. The dimensions of 1986, 718 and 1050 mm also support its power and performance. In short, whether you buy Treet TR-100 motorbike or not, one thing is for sure that this powerful road runner is worth appreciating for its advanced specs.

Treet TR-100 Features

  • Four Stroke, OHV (Air Cool) Engine
  • Kick Starter System
  • Wet multi-plate type 4 Clutch
  • Four Speed Constant Mesh (Multi disc wet type clutch) Transmission
  • Digital Speedometer, Odometer
  • Indicators Lights, Turn Signal indicator, Neutral Position indicator
  • Telescopic Fork Travel 9.4mm Front Suspension
  • Swing Arm Travel 84mm Back Suspension
  • 9.7 Liters and 1.5 Liter Reserve Fuel Tank Capacity
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