New Model of Road Prince 70 - New Design Pictures & Price

Road Prince Passion 70 Price in Pakistan

Update: 06 Jan, 2024
Rs. 119,000

Road Prince Passion 70cc Review

The Style – Worth Loving:

The Omega Industries motorbike manufactures deserve praise for their aesthetic sense in styling the two-wheelers. It seems a bit enhanced in the Road Prince Passion 70 which is a bike with bold and decent looks. The person having a ride on it feels a sense of pride.

The technologically-inspired styling of the bike improves its aerodynamics. As a result, it will encounter less air friction while on the way. Less friction means you will have a smooth and stable drive. The same feature will help the motorbike get higher speed in less time.

The careful choice of colors for the body makes a significant contribution in improving the beauty and attractiveness. The colors are so sharp and render a great contrast to different parts of bike. The grey and green designs appear against the pinkish background.

All these features enable the bike to catch the attention of viewers on the very first sight. The critics are right in their opinion that the style is worth loving.

Black & Red Color Variants:

Just like Wego 150, the Road Prince Passion 70 is available in the black and red variants for the body color. Each has its own grace and grandeur. The red hue will serve to the taste of those who are the lovers of energy and action.

On the other hand, the people with likeness for mystery and importance would go for the black version. However, the seat has been kept pitch black in both the variants. The green and grey strips appear in both the versions. You should also note that these additional designing strips offer less contrast against the black shade as comparted with that of red.

It Gives a Powerful Drive:

The power and potential of Passion 70 cannot be compared with that of Wego 150 which is more than twice energetic. As a result, the Road Prince Passion 70 price in Pakistan is so less and affordable. In fact, it is not even half as much as that of Wego 150.

The use of advanced technology makes the 70 cc machine generate enough thrust to ensure a powerful drive over all the terrains. According to the analysts and critics of automobile market, the 70cc Road Prince is more powerful than the Honda’s bike with same displacement (i.e. 70cc).

The price of Honda 70, on the other hand, is significantly high. So Passion 70 stands the winner in terms of affordability. However, if you want a more stable drive and greater resale value, Honda 70 must be your first choice.

Greater Petrol Capacity:

In comparison with Honda’s CD 70, Road Prince’s Passion 70 contains a larger fuel tank. More precisely, the fuel tank capacity of the former measures 8.5 liter while that of latter can accommodate as much as 10.5 liters of petrol.

So, the individuals who have to go for a long drive on daily basis would definitely like to buy Passion 70. Here, with a single refill, you can go for hundreds of kilometers without worrying about the petrol getting finished on the way.

Summing Up:

As the very name suggests, against reasonable Road Prince Passion 70 price in Pakistan, the bike has become the best choice for the individuals who are fond of passion and power. The motorbike is not only very economical but also full of style, energy and action. This is what the people with low income look for.

Road Prince Passion 70cc Features

  • 70cc, 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder, Air Cooled
  • CDI, 12V Ignition
  • Constant-mesh 4 -speed Transmission
  • Kick Start System
  • 12 Watt, 20 AH Battery
  • 7500 RPM / 3.9 Kw Power
  • Manual Wet Plate Type Clutch
  • 10.5 Liter Petrol Tank Capacity
  • Stylish Graphics
  • Comfortable Seats
  • Available in Red and Black Colors
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