Road Prince Passion 70 2024 New Model Motorbike

Road Prince Passion 70 2024 Price

Update: 06 Jan, 2024
Rs. 119,500

Road Prince Passion 70 2024 Review

A popular bike from Road prince – one of the top motorcycle and rickshaw manufacturers in the country – the Passion 70 has been eyeing both the Japanese and Chinese rivals for supremacy, or at least equality. While unable to challenge the supremacy of Honda’s CD 70, it is hailed as one of the best amongst its Chinese cousins.

Let’s compare specs against the Road Prince Passion 70 2024 price in Pakistan to check for its true worth and affordability.

Specs Evaluation:

The 3.9 Kw power (@ 7500 rpm) of the bike comes from its 4-stroke, single cylinder machine that utilizes an efficient air-cooling mechanism to prevent over-heating. It is accompanied by the 4-speed constant mesh transmission, kick-start, and manual wet plate type clutch system.

The strong backbone type frame makes it less vulnerable to collapsing in case of a crash or collision. Fuel tank is large enough to accommodate over 10 liters of petrol at a time.

Turning to dry weight, it’s 84 kg. This is what reduces vibrations at high speeds and enhances the stability and smoothness of the drive on rough terrains.

A Replica of CD:

As you look at the body and design of the of the Passion 70 2024, it seems to be a close imitation of the 70cc CD bike from Honda. Just look at the styling of the headlight, the dashboard, the front and back mud guards, the silencer, the fuel tank, the seat, and the side parts. Do you really notice any major difference? Your answer would probably be ‘no’ to this question.

The specs for power and performance are also quite similar. Here, the CD under question is the traditional one, and not the sporty version, Dhoom.

CD versus Passion – The Major Difference:

While the CD and Passion seem be showing sharp similarities in terms of both the style and the specs, they are still much different from each other. What do you think about performance? The Honda’s brand appears much superior. Here you get a stable, comfortable and every economical travelling experience which the Passion is unable to offer.

Some of the Chinese bike brands are notorious for their vibrating behavior as the speed crosses the mark of 50 kilometers per hour. The Road Prince Passion 70 comes with improved technology which minimizes such unwanted vibrations.

Is there anything that really makes a big difference, while establishing the superiority of Passion over its Japanese rival? Indeed, there is. The price!

Road Prince Passion 70 2024 Price in Pakistan:

The economy or affordability is the most important thing for the people from the lower economic stratum who can’t afford CD but want to enjoy a Honda-like drive. So, the new Road Prince Passion 70 2024 is there to cater to their needs and TASTE in the best possible way.

As you might already know, the Honda CD 70 2024 price in Pakistan is over sixty-five thousand rupees, the Passion is available at a much lower price – just around forty thousands!

Road Prince Passion 70 Features

  • Engine Type 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder, Air Cooled
  • Starting Kick Start
  • Petrol Capacity 10.5 Ltr
  • Displacement 70 cc
  • Transmission Constant-mesh 4 -speed
  • Dry Weight 84 kg
  • Power 7500 RPM / 3.9 Kw
  • Torque 5000 RPM / 5.4 N.M
  • Battery 12 Watt, 20 AH
  • Back Tyre 2.20 – 17 4PR
  • Frame Backbone Type
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