2024 Qingqi CD 100 Price in Pakistan

QINGQI CD 100 Price in Pakistan

Update: 24 Aug, 2016
Rs. 70,000

QINGQI CD 100 2016 Review

Qingqi is a Chinese bike recently introduced in Pakistan. It has been designed and manufactured with latest technology, meeting people’s needs and demands. Qingqi is 100cc four stroke powerful bikes with low consumption of fuel, making it efficient and effective for its riders. In Pakistan mostly two shapes of bikes are famous, one is like CD 70 and the other one is like CG 125. This Qingqi is a combo of both CD and CG. Not so heavy and not so light, but gives you immense pleasure once you are on to it.

Externally, it is carefully designed with appealing color combination and aerodynamics. Soundless shinning silencer, powerful double point headlight with sporty touch, high- tech and more visible crystal brake lights and indicators, heavy mud guards and durable tyers make its ride comfortable and impressive. Internally, you will find it long lasting, less sound producing engine as compared to other bikes with O.H.V intake system, 12V CDI ignition, 4 speed transmissions, and big fuel tank with 9.8 liter of capacity which is more than other available bikes in Pakistan of this range. It can store 1.5 liter of fuel as reserve. You can compare Qingqi CD100 prices in Pakistan with other company bikes that are in competition with it. Go and get experience with Elite four strokes CD100Q for better life.

QINGQI CD 100 Features

  • Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke, Air Cooled
  • Latest Design Brake Lights
  • Kick Starter System
  • 4-Speed Transmission System
  • Beautiful and Attractive Graphics
  • Spacious, Comfortable and Powerful Seats
  • Power Disk Brake
  • Latest Technology Shark Absorber
  • Available in two colors (Red and Black)
  • Durable and without Voice Silencer
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 8.9L
  • Gigantic Over Brightened LED Back Light
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