Metro MR 70 Dabang Price in Pakistan

Metro MR 70-Dabang Price In Pakistan

Update: 06 Jan, 2024
Rs. 124,500

Metro MR 70-Dabang Review

What does an ordinary man require from a motorbike? The answer is reliability, worth for his money, fuel efficiency and style and most importantly style. Even though a bike is an ordinary vehicle, easily bought and easily maintained, it does not change the fact that every bike owner wants their bike to be as stylish as can be. This is why Metro has released Metro MR 70 Dabang.

Much like the bikes in the movie Dabang, this bike is also aimed at style, power, reliability and the same sense of action that the movie incorporates. Metro MR 70 Dabang is able to do this through specifications and great performance which makes it a winner. The bike comes with a wet sump, single cylinder engine, with four strokes, two valves and an air cooling system equipped with SOHC (single over head cam) chain drive. With a piston displacement of 72 cm, a capacitor discharge ignition (CDI) of great quality, and a dry paper element air filtration system, the bike is great at running and also atmosphere friendly.

The Metro MR 70 is an instant stunner with its good looks outside and is similarly an instant charmer with its great working inside. Being 1885mm long, 760mm wide and 990mm tall; and having a dry weight of 82 Kg, the bike has a perfect size and weight. Then inside this body of fine metal, it comes with a fuel tank capacity of 9 liters and an additional 1 liter reserve. Furthermore, it has an oil capacity of 800ml at the first fill, and then 700ml at changing intervals.

The transmission type of the bike is four-speed constant mesh; and it has a dry charged, 12V 2.5A battery that gives it a long battery life. This gives the bike the same power of action seen in the movie Dabang. Metro MR 70 Dabang contains style not only through its looks but also through its other features. These include a speedometer, odometer, Indicator lights, neutral position indicator, turn signal indicator and an ON/OFF switch. Since all these features are better than before, they provide an all together new experience of power and style within a 70 CC bike.

The bike comes in two colors: black and red, with a sleek blue design covering its strong body. The fact that the color black is more popular stands strong, and that is not only due to its association with the movie Dabang, but because of the sleekness of the color black on this bike. However that does not mean that the bike does not look any good in red.

Features like a strong engine, glossy outlook, reliable torque (max) of 5.39 N-m@6,500rpm/min, solid built, and trustworthy fuel system give the bike an edge over others. Finding parts are no difficulty with this bike, neither is maintenance or running.

Overall the style of the Metro MR 70 Dabang forms its identity and its performance takes it further ahead.

Metro MR 70-Dabang Features

  • Wet sump, Single Cylinder, Four Stroke, Two Valves, Air Cooled with SOHC Engine
  • 72cc Displacement
  • Four Speed Constant Mesh (Multi disc wet type clutch) Transmission
  • Digital Speedometer + RPM
  • Unbreakable Indicator
  • AeroDynamic Design
  • Stylish Feeders
  • 10 Liters and 1.5 Liter Reserve Fuel Tank Capacity
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