Keeway Superlight 150 Motorcycle in Pakistan - See Price, Pics & Specs

Keeway Superlight 150 Price

Update: 06 Jan, 2024
Rs. 650,000

Restyling without Compromising Boldness:

Only recently launched in Pakistan, the Hi-Speed Infinity 150cc 2024 bike comes to take your experience of biking to infinity. It defines a whole new style for the body of a two-wheeler. However, there hasn’t been made any compromise for the boldness and sturdiness which you always expect from a heavy bike of the stature of Hi-Speed. At the same time, you must also be curious about the Hi-Speed Infinity 150cc 2024 price in Pakistan. On this ground, it seems to be quite attractive especially when you put the price against the superior specs standards of the bike.

Bold and Bald:

The Hi-Speed is bold and bald at the same time. It is bald in the sense that the handle and the handgrips are not at a proper height above the fuel tank as observed in low-range motorcycles or heavy bikes. It almost seems to be touching the petrol container. On the other hand, the large fuel tank gets more prominence to impress the viewers on first sight with its styling and graphics. It makes a sharp slope towards the seat which is comparatively low in the middle and gradually rises towards the back.

The design and placement of the machine, shape of the wheels and the styling of the side parts all contribute to the impressive and bold appearance of the bike.

A Comfort-Yielding Travel:

As the seat is sufficiently wide, soft and a bit flexible, you can sit on it with utmost ease and enjoy long travels without feeling tired. There are two major aims of buying a heavy two-wheeler. Firstly, you go for such a bike to get a stylish and sportier driving experience. That pleasant aspect of the bike is particularly very attractive to the youth who have a fast-running blood in their veins. Secondly, a more powerful bike is better suited for the long inter-city journeys than those of the ordinary 70cc motorcycles.

The Hi-Speed Infinity 150cc bike proves itself to be perfect for both the usages. In addition to high power, efficiency and control, it offers a great amount of comfort and safety. So, just feel free to use it for any type of journeys and on every type of terrains. And there is no need to worry the least about tiredness which you have to experience on a low-end bike.

Power and Performance:

Placed among the features and specs of a bike, the power and performance always comes on the top. And the new Hi-Speed Infinity stands out to be the winner of hearts in that respect. It is packed with a 150cc engine which is twice as powerful as that of a 70cc motorbike. The compression ratio is 9:1:1 which also makes a big difference.

For transmission, there is the advanced 5-speed gearbox which you can logically expect from a bike like Hi-Speed Infinity 150cc. And with 5-speed transmission, you get more gears to handle more versatile road and drive conditions.

Another big thing that you are sure to get from this big bike is the self-start mechanism. In addition to totally eliminating the labor involved in kick-starter system, it makes the bike so quick to start.

To conclude, available for a reasonable Hi-Speed Infinity 150cc 2024 price in Pakistan, it sounds like a true heavy bike not just by appearance but also by the body dry weight. So, it might be a bit difficult to handle but the sports bike enthusiasts will be able to enjoy the true thrill of sporting with their Hi-Speed which take the joy of travelling to infinity.

Keeway Superlight 150 Features

  • TYPE: 1-cylinder/4-stroke/2-valve, Liquid-cooled, OHV
  • Transmission: 5 Speed
  • STARTING: Electric & Kick
  • DISPLACEMENT: 150 cc
  • Lubricating Oil Sump Capacity: 1 Litre
  • Speed: 100 km / hour
  • Ignition System: Kick / Self Starter
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