Eagle Fire Bolt ES70

Eagle FireBolt ES70 Price in Pakistan

Update: 24 Aug, 2016
Rs. 50,000

Eagle Fire Bolt ES70 Review

After Suzuki's Power League, another wonderful sports bike has now been introduced to stun the world with its dynamic performance and stylish appearance. Eagle Fire Bolt ES 70 is, therefore, the latest gossip in the world of bikers.

78 cc Engine:

The bike performs with a 12V engine having a displacement of 78 cc, and giving a mileage of 85 Km/l. The engine has a compression ratio of 9.1: 1. An optimum force of 7 PS (horsepower) at 6500 rmp is generated which equals 5.3 Kilowatts. On the other hand, the motorcycle’s maximum torque is 5.4 NM at 6500 rmp.

4-Level Transmission System:

A four speed transmission—all forward—is what contributes to the fast speed that can be compared to a fire bolt, hence the name. However, majority of the hardcore sports bikers would disagree. The optimum speed of this bike does not hold a candle to the much more superior Suzuki Hayabusa which runs on a far more powerful 1340 cc engine. Eagle Fire Bolt 70 is, therefore, meant for average users and satisfies their mediocre power needs.

Exquisite Outlook:

The design of the bike is strengthened by a durable steel metal frame. Once again, manufacturers must have kept average bikers in mind before shaping up the beast. Therefore, the style is not wildly sporty. On the other hand, a decent and classic look is maintained, giving the bike slight tweaks for a moderately sporty look. For this reason, it will be easy to handle by even an amateur. Some other sports bikes, such as Suzuki Hayabusa and Intruder have a bedazzling sporty look, but they can’t be handled by just anyone. On the other hand, Eagle’s Fire Bolt reaches out to a much larger audience through its comparatively simpler outlook.

Weight and Body Dimensions:

Weighing 82 Kg, it is, therefore, light and elegant. It measures 1885 x 760 x 990 mm with a convenient seat height of 760 mm. This seat has been designed with a pleasantly large room for two. Therefore, you and your companion can share an adventure on the road.

Road Grip:

With the wheel base being 1210 mm and the ground clearance equal to 135 mm, the bike provides sufficient road grip. Since the maximum speed is easily controllable, maintaining a hold on the ground will not be a challenge. Therefore, chances of accidental slips and flipping over are little.

Safety Measures:

The safety is ensured by efficient front and rear drum brakes that stop the vehicle without a jolt. The front 2.25-17-4PR brake has an air pressure equal to 26 lbs per square inch. On the other hand, the rear 2.50-17-4PR brake maintains an air pressure of 32 lbs per square inch.

Fuel Capacity:

The whooping fuel tank capacity of up to 10.5 liters is enough for long journeys as the engine already consumes the fuel efficiently. So, once the fuel tank is filled to its full capacity, you can easily travel for more than 800 kilometers, that is a fairly long distance.

Advanced Digital Speedometer:

The calibrated analogue dial for telling you the speed of your bike stands outdated now: here is something new for you! An advanced digital speedometer updates you about your current speed. A digital clock is also available so that you can find out the time at a single glance.

Price & Color Options:

The Eagle Fire Bolt ES 70 price in Pakistan is slightly over fifty thousand. Red, black and blue are the chic color options for giving a striking look to the bike. Your trendy new partner will definitely earn you a great deal of attention on the road when you cut through the air riding on it.

Bottom Line:

To sum up, the Eagle's marvelous product is a wonderful option for all average bikers who want to upgrade to a more innovative design and technology while still being able to afford the price and handle the power conveniently.

Eagle Fire Bolt ES70 Features

  • Improved and New Looks Front and Rear Shock Absorbers
  • Fuel Tank, Side Cover, Upper Cover, Lower Cover, And Front Fender Matching Colors.
  • Aggressive, sporty, and aerodynamic looks
  • Muffler sound which our youth likes the most
  • Improved fuel efficiency 85 at ideal conditions and 75 in rough conditions
  • Aerodynamic fuel tank 10.5 lit capacity
  • Comfortable and durable seat
  • Digital speedometer, with rpm, speed, trip meter, kilometer, and clock
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