Eagle DG 70 Firebird Price in Pakistan

Eagle DG 70 Firebird Price in Pakistan

Update: 24 Aug, 2016
Rs. 46,000

Eagle Firebird DG 70 Review

The Eagle 70 is a small four stroke motor cycle produced recently by Eagle. Introduced to compete against rival two-stroke small capacity motor cycles, the Eagle DG 70 Firebird is a four-stroke, small capacity motor cycle, with an engine displacement of only 72 cm³. With Eagle’s specialty four-stroke technology, getting extra mileage from every cc that will take you onto the road ahead of everybody. The new eye-catching graphics, comfortable new seat design and its exquisite aero dynamic shape have made it a best choice and a perfect partner, longer better cushioned seat makes the going more comfortable for one up or two up riding!

The newly introduced Eagle DG 70 is very cheap to operate with a typical fuel economy of 40 miles (64 kilometers) in a liter which promises you the most economical ride of your life. A solid, reliable and very practical competitor, this bike offers 50 cc economy with a power of 70 cc vehicle. The tank carries a 10 liters and a petrol reserve capacity of 1 liter too. The vehicles fuel capacity that is one liter more than Honda CD 70 whose tank carries a maximum fuel capacity of 9 liters.

The Eagle Firebird comes loaded with a 78 cc engine that is air cooled, 4 strokes, and single cylinder, the new improved motor bike produces a top power of 7.0 PS at 6500 rpm and a peak torque of 5.4 nm at 6500 rpm. The splendidly designed vehicle uses a 4 speed gearbox which follows all down gear shifting pattern. It comes with a CDI ignition and handles lock. The starting pattern is kick start only.

The Eagle bike has been equipped with standard brakes and suspension. The motor has double acting hydraulic shock absorbers with three steps adjustable coil springs. The suspension system available in the vehicle is very advanced and provides greater control and stability to the bike. Apart from these, the EagleE DG 70 bike has standard tyres and multi-spoke wheels. No other bike in the class comes with adjustable suspension so far.

The powerful breaking system present in the Eagle DG 70 has greatly increased the controlling and handling of the bike. The 130 mm internal expanding shoe type non-asbestos type brake at the front wheel and 110 mm brake at the rear control the bike when moving in a high speed and helps in decelerating the bike instantly.

The aero-dynamically designed vehicle is available in majestic colors like blue, grey, black and red with a speculated price tag of Rs. 47,000.

Eagle Firebird DG 70 Features

  • 4 stroke, single cylinder, over head cam, air cooled
  • 4 speed constant mesh, all forward (N-1-2-3-4) Transmission
  • 0.8 liter (20W50, Grade) Engine Oil Capacity
  • 10 liters Petrol Tank Capacity
  • 1 liters Reserve capacity
  • Capacitor Discharge Ignition System
  • Telescopic Hydraulic Forks, with coil springs Front Suspension
  • Double acting hydraulic shock absorbers with 3 step adjustable coil springs Rear Suspension
  • RPM (Speedometer) Meter Electronically Operated
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