BML Motorcycle Price in Pakistan | BM70 Bike Price

BML BM70 Price in Pakistan

Update: 24 Aug, 2016
Rs. 43,000

BML BM 70 Motorcycle Review

Due to the high prices of Petrol in developing countries like Pakistan, Motorcycle is a basic necessity for each and every person. Motorcycle is considered as a very much affordable traveling source in most of the eastern countries. It consumes a little amount of petrol and even the poor can have it due to its low price. A long ago, there were only 2 companies, who were providing their services in this term. But, as in the new era, plenty of new low priced Chinese motorcycles have been introduced in the motor bike market of Pakistan; the motorcycles have become further cheaper that even a labor can have it. The BML Company is new to this competitive market of Pakistan. They are rising among their competitors by introducing much lower prices and much higher performances in their motor bikes. Check out the 2012 BML motorcycle price in Pakistan, which is affordable in any case.

The bike is provided with 4 stroke air cooled single cylinder engine with a single overhead cam, which provides the power to produce such high performance in this motor bike. The capacity of the engine is 70cc. The CDI ignition is also enabled in this motor bike. The entire electricity network in this motorcycle is 12V categorized. It has a 4 speed transmission system to bring ease to its drive. A reliable brake system is installed to ensure a safer ride. To bring the comfort in seating capacity a bigger seat is provided.

The BML added beauty to their product by putting new beautiful graphics on the bike. The petrol tank capacity is 9 liters. You can choose your ride between the red and black colors. The 2012 BML Motorcycle is superb in fuel consumption and with affordable price tag.

BML BM 70 Motorcycle Features

  • 4 stroke air cooled single Cylinder
  • 4-Speed Transmission System
  • Breaker points
  • 12 volts
  • Reliable brake system, ensures a safer ride/li>
  • Big and Comfortable Seats
  • New Beautiful Graphics
  • Side Cover with Lock
  • Petrol Tank with 9 Liter Capacity
  • Available in two colors (Red and Black)
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