Yamaha YBR125Z 2024 Price in Pakistan

Yamaha YBR125Z View

Yamaha YBR125Z 2024 Price in Pakistan

Update: 06 Jan, 2024
Rs. 440,500

Yamaha YBR 125Z Price in Pakistan

125Z – Most Economical 125cc Bike from Yamaha:

The first Yamaha bike with 125cc engine, YBR 125, made its way to the Pakistani auto market in 2024. It got an encouraging response from the buyers. Then came its off-road variant, YBR 125G, a few months later in September 2024. The latter’s price was a bit higher for its added features and functionalities.

In April, 2024, came another Yamaha bike in the 125cc category with further improvement in comfortable-yielding style and dynamics. Surprisingly, the Yamaha YBR 125Z price in Pakistan is less than both of its siblings – YBR 125 and 125G. However, it has been unable to beat Honda CG 125 in terms of affordability.

Optimized for Rural Area Drive:

Addressing the launch ceremony, Yamaha Motors Pakistan General Manages Sales Jawaid Yaqoob said that the earlier models focused only on the urban centers and the company was unable to get the expected response from the buyers. Now the main target of the new YB 125Z is rural areas. However, it will cater equally well to the city and intercity journeys.

Emanating a New Air of Style, Sportiness & Majesty:

Even a bird eye view of the body curves and dynamics of the bike will make you convinced of its outstanding style and majesty. Being a pioneer of quality sports bikes in Pakistan, sportiness of 125Z is simply outstanding. It is going to create a first-class impression in the minds of the onlookers.

The style and designing of the bike right from the headlight to the tail and from top to bottom emanates an air of magnificence and majesty. It won’t be exaggeration to say that a ride on the bike will make you feel so confident and elated.

Model Last Updated On Price
Yamaha YBR 125Z Price in 2024 06 Jan, 2024 PKR 440,500
Yamaha YBR 125Z Price in 2023 20 Dec, 2023 PKR 435,500
Yamaha YBR 125Z Price in 2022 21 Oct, 2022 PKR 286,900
Yamaha YBR 125Z Price in 2021 01 July, 2021 PKR 245,500
Yamaha YBR 125Z Price in 2020 01 June, 2020 PKR 220,900
Yamaha YBR 125Z Price in 2019 01 June, 2019 PKR 202,900

Best Suited for Long Journeys:

One of the drawback of making a long journey on an ordinary bike is that it is awfully tiresome. What makes you so tired after just a few miles of drive is the painful vibrations at high speeds. Very luckily, the same is not the case with the new Yamaha YBR 125Z motorcycle. Aerodynamic design, efficient engine and 5-speed transmission system are some of the factors that contribute to its power and stability.

Apart from a stable, balanced and peaceful drive, it is the incredibly comfortable seating that makes you enjoy a long ride on it. Even a pillion rider will feel quite comfortable throughout the journey. Among other attractive tweaks is the suitable body size for town ride and easy handling on narrow roads.

As compared with that of YBR 125 and 125G, the YB 125Z’s seat is less curved to allow for the comfortable seating of the pillion rider. Even then, however, the bike is not good for the family tours with a couple of kids.

YB 125Z First Class Features:

A pack of advanced technology, the YBR 125Z is going to be a perfect travelling companion for the potential buyers who have to travel long distances on daily basis. Let’s have a look at some of the first class features of YBR 125Z:

  • Electric Starter System: No more hassle of dealing with naughty and laborious kick-starter – get the easiest-to-work-with alternative of electric starter. This feature makes starting easier especially during pillion riding and in dense traffic. However, the traditional kick-start system is also there for use in emergency.
  • Brighter Halogen Headlight: The halogen headlight gives jewel-like brightness on the road ahead. It has the potential to efficiently illuminate even the darkest routes. So, you can drive in a confident and tension-free manner without the fear of accidental collisions in the pitch-dark environment.
  • Easy-to-Read Speedometer: Everyone wants to keep track of the speed of their vehicle. But it becomes difficult for them to do so if the speedometer is not sufficiently clear. Fortunately, on 125Z from Yamaha, not only the speedometer but also gear indication, fuel gauge and trip meter offer and easy to read view.

Yamaha YBR125Z Features

  • 4 stroke, Air Cooled,125cc SOHC Engine
  • Constant Mesh 5-Speed Transmission
  • Robust Front Fork
  • Self starter / Kick Starter System
  • Adjustable Rear Suspension
  • Halogen Headlight
  • 12V - DC CDI Ignition System
  • Flexiable Mount Turn Signals
  • Flast Seat
  • Muffler With Crisp And Pulsating Sound
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