Buy New Honda Pridor 100 Motorcycle 2024 Model - Price in Pakistan Given

Honda Pridor 2024 Price in Pakistan

Update: 06 Jan, 2024
Rs. 208,900

Honda Pridor 2024 Review

Innovative design, sleek look and aesthetic figure; the new Honda Pridor 2024 is ready for setting new trends in the continuously evolving world of motorcycles. This is one of the best products by Atlas Honda (a joint venture by Atlas Group Pakistan and Honda Motors Japan). It comes as an advanced version of CD 100 that was released earlier. After the high applause and appreciation of the potential customers for the Honda CD 100, the latest technological innovation is a special updated version for the Honda motorbike lovers. The layout of this motorcycle is similar to those of the other heavy bikes by the company. With the ultimate launch of this highly demanded bike, the next year is expected to be a busy one for the motorbike dealers throughout the country.

4-Stroke Air Cooled Engine:

The engine type is 4-Stroke OHV which is one of the best machines that a company can install in its motorbikes. Further appeal comes in the form of its characteristic feature of being cooled by air. All these qualities combined, make it the most capable engine with a smooth air exhaust system. In this way, the engine is kept powered up and running like never before.

Model Last Updated On Price
Honda Pridor Price in 2024 06 Jan, 2024 PKR 208,900
Honda Pridor Price in 2023 5 Aug, 2023 PKR 205,900
Honda Pridor Price in 2022 22 Oct, 2022 PKR 155,500
Honda Pridor Price in 2021 02 July, 2021 PKR 117,500
Honda Pridor Price in 2020 01 April, 2020 PKR 108,500
Honda Pridor Price in 2019 01 June, 2019 PKR 101,500

Color Availability:

As you might have seen that almost all the 125 models launched by the manufacturers were available in both red and black colors. The Honda CD 100 was the first bike of its type that was available in red color only. Being a brand new version of its predecessor (CD 100), for the time being, the motorbike is being provided in red color only.

Design and Outlook:

If you trace the history of accomplished and compact bikes in Pakistan, the Honda Pridor 100 is the most stylish and elegant looking one by the renowned Atlas Honda Limited. Talking about the outward features of the motorcycle, the contoured sleek design adds to its immense beauty. In addition to it, garnished side covers of the fuel tank, a glossily lit new dashboard layout speedometer, stylish and vivid headlight with visor and modish winkers and backlight impart the vehicle extra elegance. With all these upgraded features, you get an attractive new design for the two-wheeler. Some additions have also been made in the headlight which seems like a crystal covered bulb emitting a beautiful stream of light and adding greatly to the front look of the bike. On the other hand, the dashboard layout speedometer shows close resemblance with those of the heavy bikes. In addition to all this, the side winkers are also modified in design and also furnished with exquisite style and innovation.

The Ignition Starting System:

You might have been fed up with the boring kick start system of the motorcycles. Yes, you can get rid of it right now as the same has been replaced with the ignition starting system in your new Honda Pridor 100 2024. However, for this purpose, you only have to carry out the conversion to the ignition starting mode as the default starting system installed herein is the traditional kick start system.

Some Other Fascinations:

  • The 4-speed constant mesh is the characteristic feature of the transmission system of this latest version of the bike which renders it an exceptionally well performance and high desirability among the potential customers.
  • With the fuel storage capacity of 9.7 liters, you should just fill it once and keep on going for long distances without just thinking about it.
  • The comfortable height and relaxing seat with the seat bar are the features that are most suited for long journeys so that you may not get tired and keep on enjoying the ride.

Price Factor and Resale Value:

The most appealing thing is the Honda Pridor 2021 price in Pakistan which just comes as a surprise along with the other startling features of the bike. You can seldom find such a powerful, durable, reliable and excellent performance Pridor 100 for such a low cost that is fairly below one lac. This is not all: the high resale value further adds to its overall worth and appeal. So after the purchase, if you are not satisfied with your motorbike, just sell it with a negligible cut down in its price and go for another one of your choice.

Bottom Line:

To sum up, the bike has got a startling look and layout with very attractive external parts. The high strength and capability of the engine gives you a smooth drive over versatile terrains. So, you must be sure of having a perfect riding experience on this bike.

Honda Pridor 2024 Features

  • 115 km/per Hour Top Speed
  • 60+ km/per Ltr on Long Route Fuel Average
  • 9.7 Liters Fuel Tank Capacity
  • Available in Red and Black Color
  • 100cc Engine Displacement
  • 4-Stroke OHV Air-Cooled Single Cylinder Engine
  • 4-Speed Constant Mesh Transmission
  • Comfortable and Relaxing Seat with Seat Bar
  • Brightly Lit New Dashboard Design Speedometer
  • Stylish and Bright Headlights with Visor
  • New Design Winkers and Backlight with Aerodynamic cowl
  • New Black-Painted Muffler Exhaust with Garnish
  • New Carburetor, Quick Start System with Stable Acceleration
  • Sleek Design Contoured Fuel Tank with Garnished Side Covers
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