Honda CD 70 2012 Price in Pakistan

Honda CD70 2012 Price in Pakistan

Update: 07 May, 2012
Rs. 67,500

Honda CD70 2012 Review

In a country like Pakistan where majority of the population is not rich enough to afford big or small cars, bikes are the next best transport option. It is local companies like Honda, which makes one of the best bikes, which make it accessible for the population to own this mode of transport remaining within their budget. Amongst 70 CC bikes, Honda is taking the lead with its many durable and great models, packed with the best of technologies. The Honda CD 70 2012 is one of these, which comes with the latest Japanese technology and a better look than its previous models.

Coming to the specifications of the bike, it is a kick start bike which will take your life to the high gear with its excellent specifications. The Honda CD 70 is built with a 4 stroke engine, OHC singly cylinder cooled by air; and has a displacement of 72 cm. Moreover, the engine also comes with a 2-year warranty that not only makes it reliable but also fuel efficient.

This brings us to the bike's fuel capacity which is 9 liters, with 1 liter of reserve storage. It has a transmission of continuous 4 speed mesh; multiple wet plates clutch, smooth 4 gear box and a compression ratio of 8:8:1. The fact that sets the Honda CD 70 2012 apart from other bikes is the more mileage it can give in 1 liter of petrol.

On the outside, the bike is a stunning black shine, with a new and improved design and pattern. With a length of 1900 m, width of 760 mm and height of 995 mm the bike is a perfect size; and also a perfect weight at 82kg. The Honda CD 70 2012 has a frame of backbone type. All these features make it good looking, along with being durable.

In the new and improved Honda CD 70 2012 model, the features have been enhanced and added to it with the new seat design and rear cowl along with the graphics of the bike that also been made more beautiful. The 2012 model of the bike has the latest switch assembly, controlled by the left hand that makes the running and operating of the bike easier and better.

The security of the bike, both technically and socially have also been enhanced through multiple features. The strong side cover with lock helps assure that the bike can safely and soundly be secured from the horror of being stolen. The non-asbestos eco-friendly brakes make sure that the running of the bike is smooth and secure; this also makes the bike less prone to accidents and gives the user more control over the bike.

Available in colors red and black, aided with its new and improved design the Honda CD 70 2012 is an excellent bike that wins in its appearance as well as running. The smooth suspension, extra mileage and sound brakes make it a comfortable and secure ride. The Honda CD 70 price in Pakistan is just about right considering how much the bike offers to the everyday man, to make life more enjoyable and easier.

Honda CD70 2012 Features

  • Kick start
  • Backbone type
  • Petrol Tank with 9 Liter Capacity
  • New Design Seat and Rear Cowl
  • 2 Year Engine Warranty
  • 4-stroke air-cooled Single Cylinder
  • Latest Switch Assembly (controlled with left hand)
  • Strong Side Cover with Lock
  • Multiple wt plates Clutch
  • Transmission: continuous 4 speed mash
  • Non-asbestos Eco-friendly Brakes
  • Dry Weight 82kg
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