Suzuki Sprinter ECO 2012 Price in Pakistan

Suzuki Sprinter Eco

Suzuki Sprinter ECO 2012 Price in Pakistan

Update: 13-7-2013
Rs. 77,400

Suzuki Sprinter ECO 2012 Review

Suzuki is a reliable brand and always introduces new products with wonderful features. The competitor of Suzuki is Honda, market leader that always introduced new improved motorbikes. Suzuki launched a new motorcycle, Suzuki sprinter 2012 to make your drive memorable and luxurious. It is a positive addition in the Suzuki product line to compete its competitors Yamaha and Honda. The main competitor of Suzuki sprinter 2012 is Yamaha 100cc but Suzuki sprinter is having advanced features as compared to Yamaha 100cc. Suzuki sprinter gives you more value and it is competitive product. It is a reliable product from a reliable company. It is an economical as well as ecological product. Because of its superior quality of texture and performance it is expected that it will be the heart beat of its rider. The features of Suzuki sprinter 2012 resemble with the features of Suzuki sprinter ECO 2012. But the Price of Suzuki Sprinter in Pakistan is high as compared to Suzuki Sprinter ECO.


Favorable points toward this motorbike are 4-Stroke air cooled engine, kick start system, 10.5 liters fuel tank capacity, fuel efficient etc. Its suspension system and drum brakes make this motor bike a good option for purchase. The seats are comfortable and having large grab bars to give you support while riding.

Design and outlook

Suzuki sprinter is a good looking bike that is available in two popular colors, black and red. It has well shaped and powerful front lights to enhance the visibility. Its seats are durable and covered with premium quality fabric. The speed meter of the motorbike is prominent so that rider might not feel difficulty while driving the bike.

Engine and performance

The engine of Suzuki sprinter is 110cc and 4-stroke that gives a smooth ride. It has 4-stroke air-cooled single cylinder that enhance efficiency of engine. It has kick start and 4-speed manual transmission system. The capacity of fuel tank is 10.5 liters which is quite sufficient. The engine is powerful, fuel efficient and also gives impressive mileage of 55 to 60 Km /L on average.

Suzuki Sprinter ECO 2012 Features

  • 4-stroke air-cooled Single Cylinder
  • Kick Starter System
  • 4-Speed Transmission System
  • 10.5L Fuel Tank Capacity
  • Fuel reserve capacity is 1.5L
  • Powerful Front Light
  • Powerful Shark
  • Durable Seat
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