Suzuki Inazuma Heavy Bike Price in Pakistan with Pictures


Suzuki Inazuma GW250 Price in Pakistan

Update: 21 Oct, 2017
Rs. 5,99,000

Suzuki Inazuma Aegis Price in Pakistan

Update: 21 Oct, 2017
Rs. 1,000,000

Suzuki Inazuma Review

One of the prestigious trio members of Suzuki’s Power League, Suzuki Inazuma GW250 costs you just half an amount as that of Intruder and fairly less than 1/3rd of the price of Hayabusa. The electrifying two-wheeler beast presents the perfect blend of style, power and efficiency within an affordable range for the interested buyers in Pakistan. The delightful new addition has refreshed the motorbike market in the country.

Liquid Cooled Engine:

The superb source of power for this dynamic vehicle consists of a liquid cooled engine with 248 cc displacement, two cylinders and a completely transistorized electronic ignition system to ensure a smooth flow of energy for a balanced ride. The power generated by the lightweight engine is more than enough for attaining the bike’s optimum velocity. The recently developed fuel injection technology brings considerable fuel economy which most of the vehicle owners desire in this era of inflation and continuously rising prices of petrol in Pakistan. With the high mileage of reaching up to 85 mpg, Inazuma performs remarkably well.

The 6-Speed Transmission System:

The more options for the gears are provided by the six transmission system of the motorcycle, which will be of great help for maintaining the appropriate speed in the city, on the open highway or some rough road. For example, on the uneven and bumpy roads, your bike needs to be in 3rd or 4th gear, while on the plain highway, you must be switching to the 6th gear.

Excellent Ergonomic Features:

An indicator for gear, reminders for maintenance, a digital speedometer, odometer, fuel tank gauge, an RPM indicator for the engine and a well-positioned handle bar constitute the highly desired ergonomics for your car. The RPM (revolutions per minute) indicator of the engine operates in three modes, i.e. Normal and Eco, and Off modes, indicating the best time to go for an up-shift. With these cutting-edge technological advancements, Inazuma GW250 reaches a high level of sophistication for the modern day bikers.

Design & Dimensions:

Suzuki Inazuma is, beyond any doubt, a modern beauty having a length and width of 2,145 mm, and 760 mm, respectively, and an overall height equal to 1,075mm. This fascinating bike has been designed as a fusion of a classic motorbike and a trendy sports version of the modern times. The result is a practical model which is not only very convenient to handle but also gives the rider a chic look that you have always desired to impress the onlookers.

The Dainty Color Range:

The Pearl Nebular Black and Candy Cardinal Red are the two available color options and you can chose either of these based on your particular taste and temperament. The former one imparts your motorbike the bolder and more sophisticated outlook while the latter is for jolly fellows who want sharper and brighter appearance.

Perfect Road Grip:

The perfect road grip is provided to your bike by the three-spoke aluminum wheels that, along with being light in weight, give the bike extra-strength for safely running on the bumpy roads. The wheelbase of 1,430 mm is enough to let Suzuki Inazuma feel smooth on a wide variety of road conditions. Even on uneven roads, the sports bike glides impressively without losing its contact with the ground.

Safety Measures:

Both the front as well as rear brakes work with utmost efficiency for a smooth transition from a higher to the lower level of speed. It is, actually, the smooth functioning of the dual braking system that substantially adds to the reliability and safety of your vehicle. For the convenience and safety of the second rider, a sleek grab bar with silver finishing has been added to the design of your new motorcycle.

Some Other Fascinations:

  • The glistening chrome header pipes, at the front, substantially add to the elegance of the bike.
  • The back is made more attractive with the jazzy tail lights with twin lenses and a brightly colored brake indicator so that the automobiles coming before you may get prepared for an unusual situation.
  • For the purpose of ensuring a pleasurable drive, the seat has been placed at a comfortable level with a height of 780 mm.
  • Following a contoured pattern, the seat is gradually raised from the front to the back, thus adding uniqueness and style to the bike.
  • The Suzuki Intruder price in Pakistan has a great surprise for those potential buyers who want to ride on a member of the Power League but have limited budget as this version of the bike costs even less than 1/3rd the actual price of Hayabusa.

Bottom Line:

Despite the fact that Inazuma does not measure up to the high standards provided by other members of the Power League—Hyabusa and Intruder—the motorcycle still enjoys an overwhelming victory over other brands moving on the roads of Pakistan. The bold and mind-blowing appearance, sophisticated equipment and commendable performance account for the basic attractions for the potential buyers. In this way, it diverts the attention of the customers from the simple Honda and Hero bikes and they are motivated to buy the latest sporty creature of the biking world.

Suzuki Inazuma Features

  • 154 km/per Hour Top Speed
  • 1.72 liters per 100 km Long Route Fuel Average
  • 248cc Engine Displacement
  • Available in Black and Red Colors
  • 13.3 L Fuel Capacity
  • Fuel Injection System
  • 248cc, 4-Stroke, Liquid-Cooled, SOHC Engine
  • 6-Speed Constant Mesh Transmission
  • Telescopic, Coil Spring, Oil Damped Front Suspension
  • Swingarm, Coil Spring, Oil Damped Rear Suspension
  • Disc Brake
  • Electronic Ignition (Transistorized)
  • Wet Sump Lubrication
  • Digital LCD Speedometer, Odometer, Twin Trip Meter
  • Maintenance Interval Indicator, 3 Mode RPM Indicator
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