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Suzuki Hayabusa Price in Pakistan

Update: 24 July, 2017
Rs. 26,00,000

Suzuki Hayabusa Review

Japanese multinational firm (the Suzuki Motor Corporation) has recently launched a powerful league of stunning sports bikes in Pakistan. The costliest and the most extravagant member of this trio family is Suzuki Hayabusa GSX 1300R while the other two being Suzuki Intruder and Suzuki Inazuma. The highly powerful beast is one of the most ravishing means of luxury travelling all over the world. With the unparalleled nimbleness, powerful thrust, and unmatched resilience, the new extra heavy motorcycle is the fastest running cheetah of the biking world. Suzuki Hayabusa price in Pakistan is the highest than any other motorbike available in the market.

This dynamic machine may not be unknown to you as the nameplate has existed for over a decade, and is already famous for its breathtaking speed. Even today, Hayabusa GSX has the reputation of a champion among all bikes with the title of the ‘fastest horse’ in the world of racing. The professionally expert Japanese auto engineers have equipped the super fast vehicle with advanced features to bring it up to the expectations of the modern day sports bikers.

Driving and Control:

So for as driving is concerned, this exciting marvel of the biking world is, therefore, not a child’s play for everybody. You must have proper training for its handling as only the serious and experienced sportsmen are the guys who will be able to successfully handle the power of this energetic two-wheeler.

1340cc DOHC Liquid Cooled Engine:

The extremely powerful 1340cc DOHC engine has been furnished with the liquid cooling mechanism to improve its overall performance. The powerhouse of this ferocious monster consists of the four-cylinder fuel injection system and the sixteen valves. Furthermore, the Twin Swirl Combustion Chambers make substantial contribution to the extraordinary force which makes the motorbike give riders the most sensational and highly pleasurable experience of their lives.

Lightweight Pistons with Oil Control Rings:

The lightweight pistons in the engine, which are made of aluminum alloy, optimize the performance of your motorcycle while providing the compression ratio of 12.5:1. In order to minimize friction, the pistons are supplied with oil control rings that have a PVD coating over their surface.

Safety Features:

Driving a two-wheeler vehicle among heavy traffic is a dangerous task and running it so fast may even prove to be life threatening. So, for the purpose of enjoying fast speeds, you always require commendable safety features. That is why, the perfectly accomplished Hayabusa 1300R gives you a thrilling experience, but not without utmost personal safety. Brake locking is one of the common issues with bikes that cause accidents, and here the advanced disc brakes have been designed to prevent the same problem. Some of the major causes of brake locking in the motorcycles include bumpy roads and the frequent application of the brakes. Yet another safety measure is the improved traction control that plays a role in maintaining a perfectly safe and smooth ride.

Grong Road Grip:

With a wheelbase of 1,480 mm, the wheels are wide enough to maintain a strong road grip. Even if your bike is rushing with high speed, its contact with the ground will remain remarkable and the chances of accidents will be greatly reduced.

The 6-Speed Transmission System:

The bike has a 6 speed transmission along with Suzuki Clutch Assistant System. The latter ensures a smooth transition from higher to lower gears. Moreover, the pull on the clutch also feels light.

Outlook and Design:

The sporty bike carries a modern design with the contemporary look. Hayabusa has been structured for both style and optimum performance. For instance, the vertically positioned twin headlights impart both elegance and convenience. They give the front of the bike a sleek look and a heightened intensity of light. Moreover, up-to-date aerodynamics adds to the chic look apart from providing a remarkable protection against the wind.

Color Range:

This impressive machine comes in decent white as well as bold black and funky yellow color range. So depending on your particular taste and temperament, you can choose either of these shades and take the bike wherever you like.

Body Dimensions:

The bike measures 86.2 and 28.9 inches in length and breadth, respectively. It stands as high as 45.9 inches with the height of the seat being 31.7 inches. Therefore, riders can sit comfortably and drive with confidence.

Price Factor:

Hayabusa GXS 1300R price in Pakistan is nearly two and a half million rupees. It is not a surprise that this bedazzling two-wheeler has a big price tag pinned to it because of the cutting-edge technological marvels present accompanying the vehicle.

Bottom Line:

Being one of the costliest postmodern bikes in the country, it brings you the most premium features along with a design which is truly breathtaking. There is no parallel on the roads of the country so far.

Suzuki Hayabusa Features

  • 15+ km/per Ltr on Long Route Fuel Averagev
  • 303 to 312 km/per Hour Top Speed
  • Available in Black, White and Yellow Colors
  • 21.0 L Fuel Capacity
  • 1340cc, 4-Stroke, 4-Cylinder, Liquid-Cooled, DOHC Engine
  • 6-Speed Constant Mesh Transmission
  • Inverted Telescopic, Coil Spring, Oil Damped Front Suspension
  • Link Type, Coil Spring, Oil Damped Rear Suspension
  • Electronic Ignition (Transistorized)
  • Vertically Stacked Headlight
  • Passenger Seat and Grab Bar
  • Brembo Monobloc Front Brake Calipers
  • Light Weight, High Performance ABS
  • Inverted Catiridge
  • Bridgestone Tirs and Rear Brake
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