Suzuki GS150 2012 Price in Pakistan

Suzuki Gs150

Suzuki GS150 2012 Price in Pakistan

Update: 13-7-2013
Rs. 101,500

Suzuki GS150 2012 Review

When it comes to making vehicles that make your eyes pop out, Suzuki is a pro at doing it. Just a glimpse of the new Suzuki GS150 and its price in Pakistan, bet you that you will adore it. 3 key features in this motorbike take one’s heart away. The first is intelligent use of chrome around the vehicle, especially on the headlamp, meter and the silencer giving it a robust and masculine feel. The second thing for which this vehicle deserves to be lauded is for designing the whole vehicle. The curves are luring, the graphics are attractive and the material used around the whole vehicle is impressively durable giving it a strong sporty look. This is one of the major reasons that GS150 can never go out of fashion. Lastly, the way it couples power and economy, a 150CC bike delivering around 50KMs in 1 liter is worth mentioning. A notable feature of this motorcycle is its comfortable seat and easily approachable steering handle, which makes it a comfortable ride even after hours of continuous driving.

However, if you switch motorbikes quite often, this vehicle won’t suit you much. Because of flickering nationwide economical factors, Suzuki has lost a considerable share of the motorcycle market. This means that no matter how new or well maintained your vehicle is, the resale value is heartbreaking. In addition, the fuel consumption increases over time drastically affecting your budget, especially in a country where fuel price resonate like a ping-pong overnight. This means that over time you should expect to spend more and get less from this bike. The fuel average is one of the key factors that determines the market value of a vehicle and this is where Suzuki GS150 starts losing its pace.

Still, this vehicle is heartthrob in rural areas of Pakistan where power matters more than fuel economy making it still stand tall against adversities. For them losing a few KMs per liter does not matter much as long as their vehicle can drag some weighable weight. If you are looking for a motorcycle that couples power and style, go for GS150 blindfolded.

Suzuki GS150 2012 Features

  • Strong Rear Shock Absorbers
  • Chromed Style Silencer
  • 150cc, 4-Stroke Air-Cooled OHC, Most Powerful Engine
  • Telescopic Front Suspension
  • Uniquely Design Stylish Fuel Tank
  • More Brighter Light
  • Wide & Comfortable Seat, with grip bar
  • Stylish Rear View Mirrors
  • 12.0 Liters Fuel Tank Capacity
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