Suzuki GS150SE 2021 Model Price in Pakistan

Suzuki GS150SE 2021

Suzuki GS 150SE 2021 Price in Pakistan

Update: 24 June, 2021
Rs. 214,000

Suzuki GS150SE 2021

A Pack of Ultimate Power:

One of the big names in automobile industry, the Pak Suzuki Motor Co. announces the launch of the latest model of its celebrated bike, i.e. Suzuki GS150 SE 2021. The GS 150 SE happens to be one of the most powerful bikes in the country. The great power comes from the use of advanced and more sophisticated technology.

Suzuki has already earned the fame of being one of the most celebrated 4-stroke bikes in the country. The built-in 150cc engine makes you feel the pleasure of ultimate power while on the go. Even a very fat and bulky person, having a ride on the bike, won’t affect its surplus energy and performance.

Unique Design with Comfortable Seating:

The unique design of the bike offers a lot of attraction and charm to the onlookers. The body parts, especially the fuel tank and side covers, have been adorned with eye catching graphics. The enhanced styling of the seat and other body parts makes the motorcycle incredibly comfortable not only for the driver but also for the one riding pillion.

It will be especially beneficial for the people going on a long drive. They will stay fresh and elated even after covering the distance of hundreds of kilometers. The powerful shock absorbers will minimize the effect of jumps on your body while driving on a very bumpy road.

5-Speed Transmission & Electric Start Up:

The traditional 70 cc or more powerful bike features a 4-speed transmission system. Against reasonable Suzuki GS150 SE 2021 price in Pakistan, the bike offers the users an advanced 5-speed transmission mechanism which is usually found in the four-wheeler vehicles. This will contribute a lot to the comfort and quality of drive. Such a feature also enables the bike quickly acquire higher speed without even letting the rider feel its effect.

Did you ever have experience of starting the bike in the morning of winter months? On a winter night, there is considerable drop in temperature. So it takes long for the engine to get started. The electric ignition system, on the other hand, eliminates all the hassle of pushing your foot against the kick time and again. Now the bike can be started in a moment by just the turn of a key. It will also save you time.

More Grip on Road:

Being a two-wheeler, bike is considered one of the most dangerous automotive on the road. Even a small stone, in its way, can cause an accident. A speedy biker is at the more risk of losing life. The safety of riders can significantly be enhanced by improving the grip between the road and the tyre.

The rear tyre of the bike has been widened. Such an improvement will serve to increase the grip of your dream motorcycle on the road. Now you can drive it quite confidently on the rough and slippery surfaces. The chances of accidents get minimized. The Suzuki GS150 SE 2021 price in Pakistan is far less than its actual worth.

Suzuki GS150SE 2021 Features

  • 135 km/per Hour Top Speed
  • 43+ km/per Ltr on Long Route Fuel Average
  • 5 Speed Transmission
  • 12 Liters Fuel Tank Capacity
  • 150cc Engine Displacement
  • 4 Stroke OHC Cooled by Air 150cc Most Powerful Engine
  • New Front Fender
  • Alloy Rim
  • Front Disc Brake
  • Wide Rear Tyre
  • Eye Catching Graphics
  • Powerful Shock Absorbers
  • Electric/Kick Starter System
  • Telescopic Front Suspension System
  • Prominent Speedometer
  • CDI Electric Ignition
  • Wide & comfortable Seat, with Grip Bar
  • Stylish Rear View Mirrors
  • Available in Two Colors: Black and Grey
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