2024 Suzuki Gixxer SF Price in Pakistan - GSX150SF Rates

Suzuki GS150SE 2018

Suzuki GSX150SF - Red & Black Colour

Update: 06 Jan, 2024
Rs. 599,000
Suzuki GS150SE 2018

Suzuki GSX150SF - Blue Colour

Update: 06 Jan, 2024
Rs. 549,000

Set to revamp your wheels, Suzuki's latest two-wheeler, Gixxer SF, is more than just a street sport bike. Carrying the latest aerodynamic sports fairing design, it thrills the riders and triggers an adrenaline rush in their body. Let's talk about the Suzuki Gixxer price in Pakistan and put it against its competitors in the market.

Did you know the Gixxer has internationally proved itself to be one of the best sport bikes in the 150cc segment?

The new Suzuki Gixxer SF sport boasts a distractingly good-looking body, an ultra-light and robust 155cc machine, and MotoGP aerodynamics. What further contributes to making it a perfect street bike is the adjustable rear mono shock suspension, front and rear disk brakes, an easy control, enhanced security, and a comfortable seat.

Engine Specs:

The Suzuki Gixxer SF sport bike comes equipped with an energetic 155cc, 4-stroke, 1-cylinder, air-cooled engine with 56.8 x 62.9 mm Bore & Stroke and the compression ratio of 9:8:1. It is powered by the high-end 5-speed manual transmission technology, electric starter, and an electronic ignition system.

The machine gives the power output of 10.4 KW at 8,000 revolutions per minute.

Available Colours:

When you are asked to pay such a huge amount against the Suzuki Gixxer price in Pakistan 2024, you wouldn't probably compromise on your favourite colour. With its body colour diversity, the New Gixxer 2024� effectively responds to your likes and dislikes.

You can go for a cool metallic triton blue (YSF), sharp metallic red (YPA), and a decent glass sparkle black (YVB).

Fast Gixxer Highlights:

Listed below are some of the specs standards which make Suzuki Gixxer SF sport bike stand apart among its rivals in the market.

Maximized Aerodynamic Styling: It comes with the maximized aerodynamic styling. The aerodynamic sports fairing body not only counters the impact of air resistance but also renders more stability at fast speeds.

Smart Digital Instruments Panel: The instrument panel to the front showcases smart digital instrumentation. It houses an RPM indicator and also informs the rider about the gear position.

Rear and Front Disk Brakes: Controlled by the hand brake lever and foot brake pedal, the disk brakes fixed to the front and bake enhance safety and security you really need on the streets.

7-Step Adjustable Rear Suspension: The suspension system on the rear is powered by a 7-step adjustable mono shock technology. It comes with the added potential to absorb severe jolts and jerks on the topsy-turvy paths and give the rider maximized comfort.

Gixxer Competitors:

The newly launched 150cc Suzuki Gixer is facing tough competition from several brands, including Honda, Benelli, United, Road Prince, Yamaha, and so on. So, for its survival and success in the market, the Gixxer will have to fair better than its rivals.

Gixxer vs CB 150F: Though both the bikes seem to be equal on the technical front, there is marked distinction in their body styling. The Gixxer's body performs better on the aerodynamic front. But when you put the Suzuki Gixxer price in Pakistan against that of CB 150F, the Gixxer faces a severe defeat. That is, the CB 150F offers extreme affordability. Even you can buy two CBs at the price of one Gixxer!

Suzuki Gixxer Price in Pakistan 2024:

As revealed by the official sources, the Suzuki Gixxer price in Pakistan is around 5,99,000 rupees. This price tag is attached to the red and black variants. The blue colour variant demands an extra 10,000 rupees.

Suzuki GSX150SF 2024 Features

  • Engine 4-Stroke, 1-Cylinder, Air-cooled
  • Displacement 155 cc
  • Bore & Stroke 56.0 x 62.9 mm
  • Compression Ratio 9:1
  • Clutch Multi-plate
  • Transmission 5-speed
  • Starting Electric/Kick
  • Alloy Rim
  • Front Disc Brake
  • Rear Disc Brake
  • Frame Semi Double Cradle
  • Dry Weight 130 KG
  • Tyre at Front 100 - 80
  • Tyre at Back 140 - 60
  • Petrol Capacity 12 L
  • CDI Electric Ignition
  • Ground Clearance 160 mm
  • Dimension (Lxwxh) 2050
  • Available in Three Colors: Black, Red and Blue
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