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Suzuki Gd 110s

Suzuki GD110s Price in Pakistan

Update: 24 June, 2020
Rs. 119,000

Suzuki GD110s Review

What did contribute to a sharp rise in Suzuki GD 110S price in Pakistan?

How does the 2021 model stand out from its predecessor?

What makes it an environment-friendly bike?

The latest 2021 model is out and let’s find out what it brings in for the staunch GD 110S fans.

What gave the manufacturer the confidence to increase the Suzuki GD 110S price in Pakistan so much that it has gone beyond the reach of low-income buyers?

Among other factors, it is the unusual love of the commuters for this Suzuki motorcycle that has significantly contributed to making it that much expensive. The same Suzuki, which used to just around 1 lac rupees a couple of years ago, is now priced over 160 thousand!

On the other hand, the Honda CD 70 price in Pakistan has seen a little or rather an inconspicuous rise over the past years. So, there seems to be something rotten in the state of Denmark.

What’s It Famous For?

It won’t, probably, be an exaggeration to call the GD 110S an apple of those people’s eye who often do long intercity travels. They particularly love it for the level of comfort it offers, which is simply matchless. While its rivals from other brands make you tired over a short distance, the 110S walks to its word for a journey that is both full of comfort and enjoyment.

The second most prominent thing is the economy. Would you believe, despite having been equipped with a 110cc engine, it is nearly as fuel-efficient as the 70cc Honda!

How to Tell 110S from 110?

You might not be interested in learning about Suzuki GD 110 vs GD 110S as the former (110) has already been discontinued by the manufacturer. Still, the comparison given here will be helpful if you go for a used bike.

Though not identical, the GD 110 and 110S are (fraternal) twin siblings. While different on certain fronts, they do share many things. For example, both are equipped with a 4-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine, powered by an advanced 4-speed transmission technology.

The major difference between the two occurs in their style. That is, the 110s happens to be sportier and more compact and attractive. Secondly, GD 110s also brings in new technology. Here you also enjoy better comfort, fuel efficiency, and user- and environment-friendly behaviour.

Feature Highlights and Evaluation:

While the latest model is significantly more expensive than its predecessor, you must be curious about its specs standards. Let’s discover the top 110s specs and specialties and put them against the Suzuki GD 110s price in Pakistan 2021.

An Energetic Beast: Though you might already have guess the displacement of the bike from its name, there is a bit difference between the real and advertised value. While the title suggests it to be a 110cc bike, it is a 113cc motorcycle. Coupled with other engine technologies, the displacement makes the motorbike an energetic beast.

Electric Starter: The electric starter system isn’t something new to the GD, but you’ll meet an upper level of efficiency in the latest model. As usual, the kick starter is also available, which you can use in the case of emergency.

Handle Lock Linked to Ignition: Associating the handle lock system with ignition not only makes it easy for you to lock the handle but also adds to the safety of your bike.

Attractive, Well-equipped Dashboard: In addition to a speedometer, the attractive and easy-to-read dashboard (control panel) of your new 110s is also equipped with trump meter and gear indicator.

User- & Environment-Friendly: This time, while maximizing the user control and comfort, the manufacturer has also significantly improved the environment-friendly behaviour of the two-wheeler.

For example, the interior of its silencer has been built with metal honeycomb oxidation material, which helps reduce the discharge of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons into the environment. In addition to it, there is the Suzuki Pulsed-secondary AIR Injection (PAIR) system, which eliminates harmful gases from the exhaust.

Comfort Exuding from Multiple Ends: From the seat design to the unique gearshift lever, everything brings in comfort for the user. The compact design is an addition to it.

Suzuki GD110s Features

  • 60 km/per Ltr on Long Route Fuel Average
  • 110cc Engine Displacement
  • 105 km/per Hour Top Speed
  • Available in 4 Colors: Red, Black, Blue and Gray
  • 9.0 Liter Fuel Tank Capacity
  • 4-Stroke, 110 cc, SOHC, Air-Cooled Powerful Engine
  • 4-Speed Transmission
  • Decompressor Kick Start System
  • CDI Ignition System
  • Front Suspension: Telescopic, Coil Spring Oil Damped
  • Rear Suspension: Swingarm Type, Coil Spring, Oil Damped, Spring Pre-Load 5-Way Adjustable
  • BS Type Carburetor Fuel System
  • Attractive Speedometer and Gear Indicator
  • Comfortable and with Low Height Seat, Powerful Road Grip
  • Durable and Easy to Maintain
  • Unique and Stylish Graphic Design
  • 17 Inches Tube Tyre
  • Stylish Head Light, Fuel Tank, Colline, Muffler and Fender
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