Honda CG 125 Is Losing Its Quality

Honda CG 125—The First Impression:

CG 125 by Honda is the motorbike of choice all around Pakistan. Impressive engine power, durability and reliability—the bike offers all. However, over the years, CG 125 has been losing its spark. The original quality has been diminishing in the newer versions of the motorcycle. Although bikers still prefer it over several other models and brands available in Pakistan, the new models of Honda’s CG 125 are not as good as the initial release of the bike.

A Bouncy Ride:

A ride on this popular bike is not as smooth as an individual would usually prefer. This is a problem particularly for large sized and hefty folks. In addition, the rough and broken roads in most parts of the country make CG 125 unsuitable if you desire a smooth, peaceful ride. The reason behind the bouncy nature is that the manufacturers at Honda have used the most basic suspension system for the bike in order to remain within budget. No add-ons or special features have been used in order to reduce the bouncing effect when moving down a rough road in a small street of the country.

Unfortunately, the upcoming model of 2015 has brought no improvements in this problematic area. The same basic suspension system has been used.

Affordability Issue:

A simple bike with the most basic features is expected to cost within an individual’s budgetary limits. However, this is not the case with Honda’s CG 125. In particular, the new 2015 version seems too costly when its features and improvements are taken into consideration. There is no much difference between the latest model and its ancestors. As a consequence, the overall impression among potential buyers and the resulting market share of the bike would both be affected. In Pakistan, the class which prefers bikes mostly consists of low-salaried folks. For them, the new CG 125 might not be preferable in 2015.

Diminished Quality of Cycle Parts:

The original version of the bike was introduced to the market with better cycle parts. However, as newer models arrived, the quality of these parts started diminishing. The latest 2015 descendant of the bike is no exception. As a result, the reliability of the product has also been affected. Potential buyers might still flock around the new model owing to its reputable name, but some wary individuals would be looking for other alternatives.

Low Score on the Style Factor:

The bike is not exactly an eye-candy. In fact, it scores low on the style factor. CG 125 by Honda carries the most basic design for practical usage. However, a revamped style in 2015 could have earned more attention to attract future buyers. At the moment, buyers only have a simple and basic design with no exciting options to look forward to.

The Bottom Line:

Having a look at the above mentioned issues, it can be concluded that the quality of Honda CG 125 is certainly losing its appeal. However, this loss is gradual. The bike is still able to perform the basic function it is manufactured for through its smoke-free four stroke engine, Euro 2 technology, a powerful 12 Volts battery and five gear transmission system. Manufacturers can enhance the quality of the future versions by introducing desirable modifications in order to improve performance, make the bike more reliable and add to its style.

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