2014 Honda 125 - Same Bike with Higher Price

A Glimpse:

2014 Honda 125, known as the CG model in Pakistan, has been introduced with the same reliability and practicality as its predecessor. However, the features of the bike are also almost the same. Unfortunately, the only substantial change in the new model is its cost which has been increased. The power, performance, design and technology remain the same.

Here is what you will find in the latest CG bike:

The Same Simple yet Practical Design:

Despite the increased 2014 Honda 125 price, no tweaks have been introduced in the design of the bike. The cruiser looks the same as it did in 2013. It is a simple yet practical motorcycle which can easily be handled by all average users.

Economy and Ergonomics:

The seat has been placed at a height of 743 mm. The backseat is comfortable with a conveniently placed handle for gripping. In addition, the driver can enjoy the bike’s ergonomics including the practical speedometer with economy zone. This means you can check the distance travelled per liter of petrol. In this way, users will be able to manage their fuel economy by keeping a track of their expenditure.

Sound Road Grip:

The bike has a wheel-base of 1200 mm while the ground clearance is 137 mm. Therefore, the road grip is adequate.

Super-Friendly Bike:

Although buyers would have appreciated some enhancements in the design, the good thing is that the bike remains just as user-friendly as it was in 2013.

Unaltered Performance Specs:

The 2013 version of the bike housed a four-stroke engine which was capable of generating 11 horsepower of force. This was an OHV cooled engine along with a four speed mesh transmission. These specs remain unaltered in the 2014 version. Although this performance is appreciable, keen potential buyers will not find any boost in the power of the engine or an increase in the overall mileage since the fuel economy also remains the same.

Euro-2 Technology:

Another feature which has been passed down from the 2013 model to the future version is Euro-2 technology. Although it was something new and unique for the previous model, it is not going to excite potential buyers anymore. Nevertheless, the technology is important for the environment as it is responsible for controlling the vehicle’s emission of waste gases. Therefore, if you care for the environment, the 2014 CG model will satisfy you just as the 2013 version did.

Improvements Carried on from 2013:

There were several improvements which were introduced in the 2013 model. The same qualities have now been transferred to the new version as well without any modifications. For instance, you will find the 6 volt battery to be replaced by a more powerful and long lasting 12 volt battery. Similarly, the suspension system for the wheels was improved to minimize jerks and jolts on rough and bumpy roads. Moreover, as far as the external design of the bike is concerned, some minor changes included reshaped headlights and taillights which glow more brightly.

All these improvements of 2013 are also found in the new 2014 model. However, the latter does not have any further enhancements.

The Bottom Line:

The new model is disappointing due to the lack of improvements and an unjustified increase in its cost. However, it can also be seen in a positive way since the bike does possess the good qualities of its predecessor. So, the bike remains to be classy with a satisfying performance. However, buying the old 2013 model will cost you less. This might affect the sales of the new bike. The fate of CG 2014 is yet to be discovered.

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